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Background Info

Millennium Sistahs Inc mission is to enhance life, promote visibility and provide medical and social services to young women and adults worldwide.



Millennium Sistahs Inc envisions a world where all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic background, educational level, or disability are provided with health care and positive life experiences to enhance their lives.


Millennium Sistahs Inc began in 1999 and was incorporated in 2000.

We are located in Long Island New York. Our Board Of Directors are mainly made up with individuals who hold professional degrees.

They  include doctors, nurses, social  workers, clergy and business executives.  The organization is run 100% by volunteers. They are used in medical care, administration, program planning, client intake, warehousing, food packaging, clothes sorting and distribution.


For More information on volunteering please call us at 516 214 0470 or  email.  To donate, please click on the "Donate" button above. Thank You.


Food Of The Vine
Community Pantry

This program provides grocery bags of food for households each week. Food items comes from Community Food Banks such as Island Harvest, LI Cares Food Bank and other community donors. Our goal is to help stop hunger and  provide the necessary food to the people who come to our door for


Education First - Grow Smart (BACK-TO-SCHOOL)

Through this program we give out school supplies and uniforms to needy children in the community and abroad. Vouchers for uniforms are provided to parents whose children cannot go to school because of lack of uniforms and supplies. Funding for this program is donated by members individuals and churches.

Dorcus Children Wardrobe (Baby Layette )

We provide new and gently worn clothing for children whose families are faced with making a choices between clothing and food. In collaboration with other agencies, we also assist these children with shoes, books and toys in the community and abroad. For our "community baby shower" we provide clothing, bottles, car seat, etc. If you would like to make a donation, please call us at 516 214 0470.

Our Programs

Mission Teen Volunteer


This program provides a unique life time  experience for teens and teen groups.  It is a trifold summer program and provides a well rounded summer. 

Children learn to make a difference over the summer break and get 200 community service hours, while earning the President Award and Medal, and exploring the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Teens will have mentoring and leadership training, cultural lessons and other adventures. Program cost include airfare, accommodation, and meals.

All Nation Medical Missionary Program

The program is designed to serve individuals medically in the USA and abroad. Twice per year we travel to the Caribbean and other countries to provide FREE medical care for the poor and the underserved.

In addition, we provide food, toys and clothing for children. Volunteers assists in medical care sorting and preparing medication and other items for medical missions.

We set up meetings, help facilitate on site workshops and conference.


Our Annual Fundraiser

"A Room Full of Sistahs" was first held in 2005. This exciting fashion show is accompanied by a live Jazz band and is held in September.

Please call us for further information.

Odds & Ends Summer Party Fundraiser

This is held every year in the summer.

We ask individuals to make a donation and bring a bottle of their "odds and ends" drinks from home, we have lots  of food and fun.

Spiritual Retreats

Once per year we aim to provide women with an experience to reconnect with themselves, affirm their spiritual journey, explore relationships and embrace all that life offers. It is filled with inspirations, information  and relaxation.

These retreat strengthen our bodies, minds and inspire us to stay in the light. We invite all women regardless of race, color, sexual identity, disability etc., to this remarkable event.



Whether an individual want to improve skills for their current job, qualify for advancement or prepare for a new career, Millennium Sistahs Inc, “ASCEND” program will provide the knowledge, clothing and mentorship they need to succeed. As part of this Free career skills training program, Millennium Sistahs Inc. will include the right clothing for interviews.

As part of Millennium Sistahs mission is to enhance life, and provide visibility to women, we work in conjunction with other nonprofits and the Department of Social Service. These organizations will refer women to the programs. Many of these organization includes domestic violence agencies, homeless shelters and veteran organizations. In addition to this, women will also be able to reach out on their own to Millennium Sistahs Inc. for assistance.

Process: Millennium Sistahs Will offer suits and other interview clothing and accessories for a first interview, and women can return for a week worth if clothing if the job interview is successful.

In addition to clothing, Millennium Sistahs Inc. program Ascend, will offer women career counseling. This six-week employment readiness program will work with clients to perfect their resume and cover letter while providing mock interviews and mentorship.

Millennium Sistahs has been addressing the needs of the community for 20 years in the Uniondale area.

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