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We are run 100% by volunteers who give us their time and individuals come from schools, churches and other organizations. 

  1. Dr.O'neall Parris, Pediatrician, Board Member 

  2. Dr. Michael Sczepanski, Podiatrist

  3. Dr. Margaret Sukram, Nurse Practioner

  4. Rev. Dr. Roger Danclar, Internist/Pediatrician

  5. Dr. Partick Valbrun, Psychiatrist

  6. Dr. Zehra Ahmed, PA,  Board Member

  7. Dr. Berman Saunders, MD

  8. N. Larkin, RN, Board Member

  9. Maria Regis Walker, RN, Board Member

  10. Jacqueline Burgess, Pres. Caribbean Relations 

  11. Janelle  Elder,  Clinical Social Worker

  12. Andrea Brathwaite, Board Member

  13. Shepherd Peter Hills

  14. Sister Esther Waldron

  15. Ian Forrest - Media Consultant


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