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Here is some Information we have put together to let you know a little about us and the policies of Dove Daycare, in order to make our relationship as enjoyable as possible. Please read thoroughly.



My name is Glenda and I hold a Master’s degree, and I was an adjunct teacher at a CUNY college. I have a stable family and I provide a stable environment.


We have embarked on the exciting world of childcare because we have had a lot of problems finding the appropriate care for my younger daughter. This was more than 10years ago.

My husband is a construction worker. I am an extremely flexible person and can provide you with references if you would like me to do.


I am a licensed childcare provider with a lifetime of experience in positive child rearing and care. Also I am a social worker by profession. My certificate is displayed in the daycare.


Our mission is to provide the best possible care for the children in our care. We strive to create a positive learning environment, socially and academically.


Our goals are to provide a safe and happy place for children, so that they can learn and grow at their own pace.



We want to assure that you are entitled to and should demand only the most excellent of care when it comes to your children. From one parent to another we encourage you to visit at least two sites other than ours before asking for a one week trial placement.

As parents, it is our opinion that you should research and question all daycare possibilities. You, your child, our children, and other children in the home, and we as providers, are all part of our selection process. It must be an arrangement that works for everyone that will be involved. We strongly believe in having a small group. What this means to you is that your child will have the opportunity to have more one on one interaction which is imperative to their growth and development.


We always have an open door policy, however we just ask you to respect meal and nap time.



We feel that a child’s successful adjustment is the key to positive placement in a child care setting. Therefore a one week trial period is strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made. This is in the interest of your child, children already in the home, and us as providers. This will give us ample time to predict whether or not your child is adjusting to the environment. We reserve the right at any time to deny placement to your child.

Children can enroll at any time during the year based on the availability of space and uniform is required. Parents’ involvement is encouraged and there are no registration fees. All day care fees are to be discussed with the Director. We accept DSS and have a sliding scale fee. Discounts are available to multiple siblings. Payments can be made monthly is desired. Cancellations require a two week notice.


Along with this literature you will be given the contract and policies. If you agree with all the terms and conditions and if placement is acceptable for both parties, you will have one week trial period to complete and sign it and any other papers we have mentioned in the contract. I must enforce a timely matter in obtaining proof of immunization. Immunization is needed on the first day that the child attends the daycare for the trial period.


Other papers mentioned in the contract must be in our files the first day of permanent or services will be denied to you. We hope that this information is useful to you and look forward for a terrific relationship with you and the opportunity to care for your child/children.



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